Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teachers of Unconditional Love

What is this often used phrase called uncoditional love we toss around so easily these days? Let's break it down unconditional-without conditions, no need for qualifying, just because, no matter what. Love is the undefineable experience of feeing so deeply for someone that we are willing to surpass all reason and allow and forgive and continue to accept someone due to such deep emotions. Dogs provide unconditional love no matter what! Have you ever noticed that even if a dog has been severely mistreated by someone that it will still listen and be loyal to the offender, even though they definitely don't deserve it! Have you noticed that even when we come home late and or have not had much time for them that they are always happy to see us and never scold us or withhold love and affection from us? Have you ever noticed how enthusiastic they are to see us when we return to them, no matter what? No matter what we do or say, no matter how long we have been away, no matter if we have been grouchy or upset they are there loving us, no matter what! Pretty cool deal for us don't you think?

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