Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dogs Respect Each Other's Space

Have you ever noticed how dogs respect each other's space. Watch them next time you are hanging out with a bunch of them for a while. The have an understanding with each other. When dogs share a limited area of space notice how they will not intrude on another dog's body bubble. They will walk around givng plenty of space. If there is not enough space they will try an alternate route. If a dog does dare to infringe upon another's space they are greeted with a growl and back off.

They have an inate respect for boundaries. In fact, come to think of it, boundaries are an instinctual thing tha animals protect in the wild. That is interesting to me when I think about all the times I was given a hard time by someone in my family about my need for space and having my boundaries respected. Instead of avoiding the rolling eyes in the to future and feeling like I am weird I can now refer to animals and dogs as an example of how honoring ones personal boundaries and space is simply a natural and instinctual thing that all living beings need.

We can learn so much about ourselves and life by observing our dog companions. If you would like to see some of our favorite animals clients please visit our photo gallery at

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