Monday, March 22, 2010

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Here's a bark- never ever leave a dog or a child unattended in a hot car!
Here's a lick- when you adopt or rescue a pet you are saving a life!
Here's a wag- you will live a longer, happier, less stressful life with a dog as your pal!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's your wag? Dogs can be trained at any age!
I just trained my 4 1/2 yr old Springer Pep to speak!
What's your lick? There is doggie ice cream called Soft Paws.
What's your growl? Never ever break up a dog fight with your bare hands near there sharp teeth!
Throw water on them!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Local Home Show welcomes Arizona Rolling Shutters as a new exhibitor!
My Local Home Show welcomes Arizona Concrete and Hydraforce Powerwashing to our community!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Heart of a Dog

My purpose on this planet is to love. Will you love me? Even if you don’t, I will love you. I will love you because I am a dog and that is what we do as dogs. We love. That is our humble errand and purpose on this planet. We are the zen masters reincarnated to teach unconditional love. And, you humans are our chosen companions to love. We chose you and have led you to believe that we need you. That is because you have egos and we don’t. We don’t mind. We are here to teach you. We are here to be examples of unconditional love and humility. It is our mission and our hope that it is not too late to influence you humans and show you just how wonderful the world could be if we all just wagged more and barked less. We are the masters of the universe when it comes to unconditional love. That is what our destiny is ordained by God. And, we don’t even need credit, recognition or awards for it. For loving is what we do best. And, although we are humble and seemingly beneath you in status, under your rule, we surrender to you out of choice, because that is our station in life, to serve through humility and to love.

Even if you are not worthy, I trust you and I am willing to give you all of me heart, soul and body and surrender my will to you. You have the power and control and that is okay with me. So, please be kind to me. For I feel pain even though I may not show it. That is what we do to protect ourselves. But, I do feel physical and emotional pain and disappointment. Even if you abuse and neglect me, I will still love you. But, there will be wounds that develop that will need healing, if I must endure neglect and abuse at your hand. But even then, I will still love. I will hurt and you may break my heart, my bones or my spirit but with love in return, I can pretty much heal from almost anything if given the time and good old fashion love and care.

I would prefer however, to be loved and cared for in return by a trustworthy, strong and calm leader of my pack. But, if you are all I have for my pack, I will accept it, because I am a dog and have a heart full of unconditional love that must be expressed even to the undeserving. We do not discriminate when it comes to something as important as loving. I can’t discriminate or sensor. I can’t reject or judge. It simply is not in my nature. I can tolerate a lot but, all I really want is a secure position in your pack, direction, companionship, affection and love. And in exchange, I will love you unconditionally and be the most loyal friend you will ever have in your life. The added benefits will be a life of entertainment, fun and amusement for you and for me. For when I feel loved and safe and my needs are met, there is nothing I won’t do to show you how grateful I am. Just show me, tell, train me but most of all learn to love me and you will receive blessings you can’t even imagine.

I am a dog and I need to love. I also need to be loved. But, that is not a prerequisite for me loving unconditionally with abandon and enthusiasm, the likes of which a human could only aspire too. I am a dog, and therefore a lover of life. There really isn’t much more to say. I am here to love and be loved and teach love through my example.

Oh and by the way, my heart is more vulnerable than you may be aware of and my mind more alert and cognizant than you give me credit for. So please consider that the next time you may raise a hand in anger or move somewhere where I am not welcome or yell at me for something I don’t understand. It hurts and I do feel it. My heart breaks whenever you are not happy with me or hurt me but I forgive quickly and easily. You don’t ever have to worry about me holding a grudge. We just don’t do that. Another one of God’s great design features hard wired into us dogs. We just forgive, shake it off and move on. We like being in the present moment with no regrets. It is simpler and more fun that way.

Did you know that it scares me when you leave me too? Will you come back? I have to admit we do have abandonment issues. We dogs are just hard wired that way. It is a survival thing in our DNA. We never know and just wait and wait and wait, hoping for your return. Every time you do come back to me, I am so very grateful! Thank you for having me in your pack and providing and protecting me. There was a time when I could do that for myself but since I chose to surrender my will to you, I agreed to trust you in exchange for my surrender. We have a deal you and me. You lead, provide for and protect and I will love you and be your loyal companion and friend and probably surprise you when you need me most and least expect it.

The important thing is to love and hopefully be loved in return. The challenge is loving without condition and hopefully receiving love in return but if not, to keep loving and loving and loving anyway, not in hopes of getting something in return. I love because it is as natural to me as breathing. I can’t help myself. I am a dog and therefore, I love. I need to love. I can’t help myself. I have to love no matter what your response may be. Do you see? It isn’t conditional because I can’t help myself. I have to love because I am a dog. And, to be a dog means to love unconditionally. Think about is. What is dog spelled backwards? G-O-D. There are no accidents, God intended for us to be the teachers of unconditional love. We are dogs therefore we love.
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