Thursday, June 25, 2009

What would you like to chat about with regard to dogs?

This is a forum to discuss our four legged furry companions- how we love them and what we learn from them about living. Any thoughts? Let's have fun with this thing. I look forward to hearing from you. Go for it! We are ready and interested to hear from you, yes you!

Happy tails wagging,

Doggie Diva Deb

Teachers of Unconditional Love

What is this often used phrase called uncoditional love we toss around so easily these days? Let's break it down unconditional-without conditions, no need for qualifying, just because, no matter what. Love is the undefineable experience of feeing so deeply for someone that we are willing to surpass all reason and allow and forgive and continue to accept someone due to such deep emotions. Dogs provide unconditional love no matter what! Have you ever noticed that even if a dog has been severely mistreated by someone that it will still listen and be loyal to the offender, even though they definitely don't deserve it! Have you noticed that even when we come home late and or have not had much time for them that they are always happy to see us and never scold us or withhold love and affection from us? Have you ever noticed how enthusiastic they are to see us when we return to them, no matter what? No matter what we do or say, no matter how long we have been away, no matter if we have been grouchy or upset they are there loving us, no matter what! Pretty cool deal for us don't you think?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zen Dog Master Life Teacher

Observing dogs teaches me so much about how to live life! By observing the simplicity of the day to day living activites of my three dog companions I learn some many simple and profound lessons about living. For example, the concept of being present in the moment is so rich and rewarding when I take the time to just be with my ufrry family members and watch how much joy they experience by simply living each moment as if it were the only one. They are so content to go with the flow, yet so ready for something new and exciting to happen too. They accept what is with grace and peace. If I leave and my little Springer Spaniel Pepper really wants to come with me, he tries like the dickens to escape and come along but will sit and stay on my command even though he wants to come with me. He is of course disappointed that he can't come but he accepts it too and in a short period of time he either lays down and relaxes and sleeps or finds something else to amuse himself until I return. Then the party begins again for him. When they can't go and do what they want they are content to sleep when there isn't anything worth taking action about. Sleep is a great tool of acceptance for the dog. When there is no activity grabbing their attention then they conserve their energy by sleeping, waiting for the next exciting opportunity to re-engage in life.

Probably most interesting for me in observing m sweet canine companions is how gracefully they accept pain ad illness. They don't fight it. They just deal with it as best they can. I had a neighbr whose little dog Lobo had a very aggressive bone cancer that they caught early enough to save him. But they had to amputate one of his front legs in order to save his life. For all of us human beings observing this story unfold it was quite traumatic. For Lobo it was simply something to adjust to. In fact, their vet even commented, "Him losing his leg is going to be harder for you than it will be for him." And, as we watched the little guy heal, sure enough the vet was right. Lobo just accepted his new condition and adjusted. Now he runs around on three legs as if he never had four. And, we are all happy we are blessed with his presence for a little while longer.

Dogs can teach us so many things about acceptance and living life in the moment and just being with what's so. They bring us so much joy and so many profound lessons about living. I feel very blessed to ot only have my three canine companions to share my life with but also to be doing work that surrounds me with these amazing creatures everyday. As a professional pet sitter I get to live my dream of doing work that I love and get paid for it too. If you would like to know more about us please visit our website at Life is good! Wag more, bark less!

Dogs Respect Each Other's Space

Have you ever noticed how dogs respect each other's space. Watch them next time you are hanging out with a bunch of them for a while. The have an understanding with each other. When dogs share a limited area of space notice how they will not intrude on another dog's body bubble. They will walk around givng plenty of space. If there is not enough space they will try an alternate route. If a dog does dare to infringe upon another's space they are greeted with a growl and back off.

They have an inate respect for boundaries. In fact, come to think of it, boundaries are an instinctual thing tha animals protect in the wild. That is interesting to me when I think about all the times I was given a hard time by someone in my family about my need for space and having my boundaries respected. Instead of avoiding the rolling eyes in the to future and feeling like I am weird I can now refer to animals and dogs as an example of how honoring ones personal boundaries and space is simply a natural and instinctual thing that all living beings need.

We can learn so much about ourselves and life by observing our dog companions. If you would like to see some of our favorite animals clients please visit our photo gallery at

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello all you dog lovers!

Welcome dog lovers to an open dialogue about how we can learn to live from our dogs.

This blog is designed to share the wisdom we gain from observing the dog companions we share our lives with. Dogs have so much to teach us about living, such as loyalty and gratitude, as well as, how to be happy by living a simple life. Dogs have been such a blessing in my life and brought me such joy and healing that I have devoted my life work to them. And, it is my love and appreciation of them that has inspired me to start this blog to share the many life lessons I have gained by observing how dogs live their lives. I hope this blog serves to be an informative and valuable yet fun and amusing venue for like minded people to gather and share wisdom, appreciation and amusments from observing our doggie companions.

Please share any special stories about any specific dogs in your life, or join the ongoing discussions as they appear. I look forward to hearing from you and of course your doggie companion. Photos and stories are welcome and encouraged!

Have a happy day tail wagging kind of day!
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