Tuesday, September 29, 2009

P-mail are for Dogs

I was walking my little pack of pups this morning and noticed that they, and any other dogs I walk in the neighborhood, always stop at the same bush every time we pass it. It occurred to me that this was a community doggie p-mail portal that they all convened at to catch up on the latest doggie gossip. They don't use computers because they have noses that don't need further development due to their highly efficient orfactory technology. Thus p-mail is their way of keeping up on the latest with all their pals around the neighorhood.

They find certain spots and messges more appealing than others. They don't stop and sniff every bush nor even every pile of poop they see. Some seem more appealing than others for them. Some they want more time to smell and others they just want to sniff on the run. By the end of our walks they seem to have had their fill of the smells around the hood until the next time.

I have a pet sitting business where I have some boarding clients and doggie day care clients who come to my house. Check out our website for more information at www.doggiedivapetcare.com The first thing the visiting dogs do when they arrive is get checked in with their p-mail accounts by sniffing out all the latest smells around the yard and house. It seems to help them acclimate and get comfortable with the new environment they find themselves in. I always ask my people clients to remove their dog's leashes immediately. It helps their dog feel more at ease to be able to have the freedom to roam and sniff when they arrive. And, it is always a great sign to me when they start adding their little messages to the yard with a pee here and a poop there (doggie versions of emails and tweets). That shows me they are joining in the communication and wanting to be part of the pack. Their people parents sometimes are embarrassed and worried about them leaving their little p-mails behind. But, I always assure them it is a good thing because it means they feel comfortable there. So, let your pups add to their doggie message boards with their p-mails. It helps them feel part of their community to add their p-mails. Just make sure their poop-mails are picked up for health reasons, plus it is the law to clean up after your dog. And, remember, life is short! Wag more and bark less!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Grieving the Loss of our Beloved Furry Family Members

Recently I have been supporting friends and clients through grief over th eillness or death of a beloved pet. Unless someone has a pet they can't empathize with just how significant the loss is. We develop special bonds and endearing relationships of unconditional love with our pets. So, when they leave us, which is inevitable, we feel a void in our lives where their physical , daily presence once was. Although our pet is free from pain and suffering once they have passed, what there is for us to deal with is the loss of their loving companionship and presence in our daily lives. It is an adjustment to get used to that empty space that only they could fill for us.
I encourage my friends and clients not to rush through the grieving process because by grieving we are honoring and respecting their lives and how much they touched us. We are paying tribute to the unconditional love and companionship that they so generously blessed our lives with. Grieving also is a way of experiencing just how much we loved our pet companion. To the degree that we experience th ejoy and love that they bring is the degree that we must be willing to feel the pain of loss when they make their transition over the rainbow bridge. It is all the cycle of life that when we accept and honor it by being willing to feel the grief, we allow for more love to enter into our lives in a constant flowing cycle. To shut ourselves off from rescuing or loving another pet we restrict our heart's ability to expand and love even more and greater. So, celebrate the grief when you have had a courageous enough heart to love and love deeply the precious furry, feathered and scaly companions you have chosen to share your life with! It is a testament to your open and loving heart and makes the world a better place to live in! Your grief honors your love! Life is short, wag more, bark less and love without limits!